Hello and welcome to Cosplayverse.com!  We invite you to read our origin story and our inspiration for creating this Cosplay community.

At Cosplayverse we believe in creating an open and inviting community dedicated to the joy of Cosplay in all of its genres and rich variety. 

My love of Cosplay started as a boy with the release Star Wars Episode IV. I found so much joy in my homemade Luke Skywalker costume and lightsaber, which was made from a flashlight and a stick covered in aluminum foil.  Now that I have a son of my own, I desired to have a screen accurate Jedi costumes for both of us to enjoy. After spending countless hours researching my costume, I discovered that I could not find quality products that were screen accurate for a reasonable price. I could not sew so making it myself was an even more difficult challenge to find the correct fabrics and patterns on a limited budget. Finally, after a year, I was able to build my first detailed and accurate costume and my love of Cosplay has been allowed to flourish and become a fun and exciting part of my life.

My next costume build was a pirate captain.  I again found the same difficulties in finding quality made components at reasonable prices.  Scouring the internet I spent countless days and months sorting through myriad search pages and search topics.  Along the way, I had the opportunity to meet many Cosplay enthusiasts and talented crafters and artisans, many of whom expressed similar frustrations in their attempts to complete their latest costume builds.

Out of these challenges the idea of the Cosplayverse Marketplace and Community was born.  We have been inspired to create a place where members who are passionate about Cosplay can meet together to share experiences, ideas, and to find sellers, crafters, artisans, and artists solely dedicated to enhancing the Cosplay experience and sharing in adventures!

We have created user friendly community committed to bringing together beautifully designed costumes and accessories from a wide range of sellers, crafters, artisans, and artist in a Marketplace dedicated to all Cosplay genres.

Through the Cosplayverse community, we are able to bring together high quality products and services at amazing prices to help our members create amazing costumes for all of their adventuring needs.

Again, we welcome you to the Cosplayverse Marketplace and look forward to your contributions to enrich this wonderful community.  We invite you to introduce yourself in the New Member Forum to the members of the community, make new friends who also share your passion for Cosplay, and get involved in the various activities, charitable events, and conventions, celebrations, and fairs.

Take a moment and share your love of the Cosplay Universe, Cosplay experiences, and costuming, trooping, adventuring with the community members in a friendly, supportive, and inviting environment.  Feel free to engage with community members and the Cosplay staff; ask questions about Cosplay, costuming, and adventuring in our blogs.

Take a look at our Sellers and their unique, high quality, and amazingly priced Cosplay products and services.  Feel free to ask the Sellers and crafter in the Cosplayverse Marketplace questions about their products, leave feedback on your shopping experience, and share your pictures of your Cosplay adventuring via customer service survey and social media links at Cosplayverse on Pintrest and Instagram.

We encourage you invite your friends to become part of the Cosplayverse experience to enrich and enhance this community.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your Cosplay adventures.  Let your adventure begin today!



Tim Anderson, Cosplayverse Founder