Galactic Outfitter

Jedi/Sith Saber Belt - Gray

$ 99.00 $ 140.00
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  • Jedi/Sith Saber Belt - Gray

Galactic Outfitter

Jedi/Sith Saber Belt - Gray

$ 99.00 $ 140.00
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Saber Belt for sale:

  • 100% leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable waist
  • Functional belt

Note: This listing is for 1 leather belt only.

All robes, tabards, obi sash, etc. in the product pictures/videos are NOT included in this saber belt listing/offer and are for reference purposes only. Pouches are available for purchase (see listing(s)). 

Belt Sizing:

Belts are adjustable and designed to fit the following waist sizes:

  • Small: 25" to 37" waist.
  • Medium: 35" to 47" waist.
  • Large: 45" to 57" waist

Note: When determining your size, remember that the typical costume adds 2+ inches to your waist.

    • It is always recommended that you measure your waist while wearing your costume.
    • When measuring, determine where you prefer to wear your belt (true waist or hips).
      • True Waist: Belly button level.
      • Hips: Resting on your hip bones.

Leather Belt Design Construction:

These leather belts are hand crafted using 100% genuine leather with the main belt 9-10 ounces in weight. These belts are adjustable and can be worn at the waist or the hips depending on your choice and/or preference. 

  • Main belt 2"
  • Accent belt 3/4"
  • Functional accent buckle included:
    • Your choice of accent buckle at no extra charge.
    • Please view image(s) for buckle styles.
    • Note: All Accent buckles function, which means the side release buckles open and close.
  • Rivet screws: Default screws are 12mm round top.
    • Variant rivet screws can be substituted at no extra charge (e.g., dragon claws, cat claws, spike styles).
    • Please see image for rivet screw styles.
  • Belt closure: Rear adjustable snap closure with belt cuff/cover. This closure style makes it easy to put/take off and there are no uncomfortable large O rings or Chicago P buttons/rivet screw to dig into your back as you are trooping (or even when you take a break and actually sit down).
  • Available colors: Dark brown, black, tan, British tan, and gray.

These belts are built to be durable and designed for comfort!

Custom Size Belts: The following custom sizes are available upon request, require 4 weeks to manufacture, and cost $155 USD each:

  • ES (Extra Small): 20" to 32" waist.
  • S/M (Small/Medium): 30" to 42" waist.
  • M/L (Medium/Large): 40" to 52" waist.
  • XL (Extra Large): 48" to 60" waist.